How it works
Organizational diagnosis using BIZDIAGNOSTICS is made by surveying employees and analyzing the results.

The system is easy to understand and use. Due to a user-friendly interface it is easily configured without involving technical specialists.

The diagnosis procedure consists of the following stages:

Stage 1. Configure the system

At this stage:

  • your company profile is created;

  • a list of employees is created or downloaded from a file;

  • tests to be used for the organizational diagnosis are selected and configured;

  • a list of employees answering the survey questions is compiled.

Stage 2. Key employees are invited to participate in the survey
The system will automatically send e-mail messages inviting your employees to participate in the survey.

Stage 3. The survey
At this stage, employees access the system using a unique key and answer survey questions assigned to them. The survey is completed anonymously so that no one can see the answers of a specific employee.

Stage 4. Analysis of the results
BIZDIAGNOSTICS generates a report containing a detailed representation of strengths and weaknesses of the company’s management system and recommendations for dealing with causes of the problems.

Stage 5. Benchmarking
Our built-in Benchmarking tool can help you compare your company’s results with those of other companies.
BIZDIAGNOSTICS organizational diagnostics system
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